Discover Conservative Treatment Options to Avoid Total Joint Replacement

Sep 26, 2023
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Joint pain can be debilitating, but not everyone wants to undergo surgery. Fortunately, there are conservative options like Viscosupplementation, PRP, stem cells, and physical therapy that can help alleviate pain, improve function and avoid surgery.

Joint pain and discomfort can significantly impact our quality of life, making even simple activities challenging. For those facing joint issues, particularly those hesitant about undergoing total joint replacement surgery, there are conservative treatment options available. In this article, we will explore some effective alternatives that can potentially alleviate pain and enhance joint function without resorting to surgery. We will delve into the benefits of Viscosupplementation, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, stem cell treatment, bracing, and physical therapy while emphasizing the importance of avoiding steroid use.


Viscosupplementation involves injecting a lubricating substance called hyaluronic acid into the affected joint. This treatment aims to restore joint fluid and reduce friction, ultimately easing pain. It can provide long-term relief for conditions like osteoarthritis, particularly in the knees.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy:

PRP therapy utilizes the body's natural healing properties to promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation. By extracting a patient's own blood, isolating the platelets, and injecting the concentrated platelet-rich plasma into the affected area, enhanced healing processes can occur. PRP therapy has shown promising results in managing joint pain from conditions such as tendonitis and osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell Treatment:

Stem cell therapy is an innovative option gaining recognition for its potential in joint regeneration. Stem cells can differentiate into various cell types, including those present in joints, promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation. By injecting stem cells into the affected joint, patients may experience improved function and reduced pain in conditions like osteoarthritis and cartilage defects.


Wearing a brace or orthotic appliance can provide stability and support to joints and surrounding structures. This conservative approach is particularly effective in conditions like ligament injuries or osteoarthritis. Bracing helps to ease pain, improve joint alignment, and protect against further damage, facilitating the healing process.

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy plays a vital role in conservative treatment options, as it focuses on improving joint strength, flexibility, and overall function. A skilled therapist will design a personalized exercise program tailored to the individual's needs, helping to reduce pain and enhance joint mobility. Physical therapy can also prevent further joint deterioration and improve overall well-being.

Although total joint replacement surgery is a viable option for severe cases, it's essential to explore conservative treatment options before considering more invasive procedures. Viscosupplementation, PRP therapy, stem cell treatment, bracing, and physical therapy offer promising alternatives to manage joint pain, improve function, and potentially avoid surgery. Remember, it's crucial to consult with an experienced healthcare professional to determine the best treatment plan for your specific condition. Together, we can explore conservative avenues that prioritize your health and well-being while avoiding unnecessary steroid use.

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